Update for Unknown Sender Invitations on Google Calendar

Update for Unknown Sender Invitations on Google Calendar

May 18, 2023

Recently, a new policy was added to Google Calendar for users to assist in fighting spam. All scheduling applications, including Letsmeet, are affected by this new rule. Only if you have already interacted with your invitee will events set up for calendar invitations be automatically added. When an invitee tries to schedule an appointment with you for the first time, the calendar event is not immediately added. First-time invitees must click a confirmation link in their email to confirm the booking. Below you can see what the alert looks like: 

You can add that email address to your Google Calendar safe senders list by clicking the "I know the sender" box when it is displayed, which will cause future events to be added automatically.

After this, you must confirm the event invitation by clicking “Yes” to add it to your calendar.

There are a couple of things you can do to enable calendar invitations to be added automatically to your Google Calendar:

Users of Google Calendar can modify this setting whenever they want from within their accounts by:

  • Click Settings in the top right corner of your Google calendar page.
  • Choose Event Settings under General.
  • Choose From everyone under Add invitations to my calendar. (By default, it is set to “Only if sender is known.

Check out the image below for reference:

In addition to this, here’s a tip to keep your invitees informed about your meetings:

We advise users to configure SMS and email notifications within processes to prevent low turnout or no-shows for scheduled events.