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The 4 Best Productivity Apps of 2022

June 8, 2022

There’s never been a greater time to be productive. We have apps designed to save us several hours every week. Whether they do it by automating repetitive tasks or helping teams ease through meetings, productivity tools can turn your workweek around.

Here are some of the top productive apps you can use to shutdown distractions and get down to what really matters.


What if we told you it’s possible to schedule your meetings with a single email? Teams struggling with pointless “busywork” would say it’s impossible, when it’s just a matter of choosing the right solution.

Letsmeet has taken the burden of back-and-forth messaging off teams’ shoulders. Because no one’s getting paid to do that stuff.

What users love about Letsmeet:


● You can meet with one to several attendees on the fly, without having to plan slots on your agenda. (Managers and executives will love this tool.)

● Mark certain guests as “optional” for increased meeting productivity. Lock time slots once participants confirm to decrease no-shows. And other super pro features you don’t want to miss.  

● It immediately tells you the best time for all attendees. You don't have to send a bunch emails to see when your team is available.

● You can schedule meetings without ever leaving your inbox. Letsmeet works with Gmail and Outlook!

● With Google-verified track record and user experience, you can rest assured that your data (like contacts and calendar events) are fully protected.

It’s your turn: compare the productivity apps above, and slowly realize you’ve been wasting five or more hours of useless work every week – until now. You’re welcome.


Scheduling meetings shouldn’t feel like work. When time is ticking by, getting everyone on board should be as easy as setting up your preferences and automating invites. This way, teams can focus their energy on getting things done – not on scrambling to find a time that works for everybody.

What users love about Calendly:

● It’s great for scheduling both online and offline meetings, anywhere.

● It seamlessly integrates with tools like HubSpot and Salesforce – so your team can save time and focus on building real relationships.

● You’ll reduce cancellations with fast and headache-free rescheduling tools.

● Invitees will be impressed with your smooth scheduling abilities. At this point, we all know how much first impressions matter.


Also known as the pandemic’s darling, Zoom enables remote and in-person teams to collaborate effortlessly in a modern web conferencing platform. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, Zoom syncs with your calendar system to help you join and collaborate straight away.

What users love about Zoom:

productivity apps

● Brainstorming and learning are no-brainers in Zoom’s all-new Whiteboard, where you can demonstrate your ideas in fine detail.

● With the Zoom App Marketplace, you can include over 1,000 apps in your Zoom experience. Make tasks like meeting scheduling, transcription, and collaboration even easier.

● Enough of boring meetings. Create interactive experiences with polls, reactions, music sharing, and much more.

● Zoom encrypts the communication with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and protects user data with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). That’s ironclad security right there.

Microsoft Teams

Schedule meetings, share files, and manage your teams in one place with Google Teams. While people have a lot to say about Teams (especially when comparing it to Zoom), this online meeting software deserves the spotlight for several reasons.

Why users love Teams:

● Stay in context! Never miss important points by sharing meeting recordings and transcripts in a single source.

● If you absolutely have to turn your camera on, you can blur your video’s background for extra privacy.

● Transform your presenting experience with live note reviewing, seamless transition between presenters, and of course, live reactions.

● Provide unmatched hybrid meeting experiences – and make everyone feel seen and heard – with Teams Rooms.