Letsmeet vs Savvycal

Letsmeet vs Savvycal

September 6, 2022

Letsmeet and Savvycal are both scheduling programs designed to help professionals schedule meetings easily. There are some similarities between the two applications, but each one has unique features. The following guide explains what Letsmeet is, what Savvycal is, and which one is ultimately the best choice.

What is Letsmeet?

Letsmeet is a meeting scheduling application. With Letsmeet, creating and scheduling meetings can be done quickly and easily. Letsmeet does all of the work for you. Letsmeet efficiently finds the best time when everyone is available. You can send invites with almost no effort on your part.

This program saves time and frustration for any business where meetings or collaborations are part of the work day. Businesses across many industries would find Letsmeet an invaluable tool.

Letsmeet Features

Letsmeet has many extremely useful features. The following is a list of some of the features offered by Letsmeet:

  • One to many meetings - No limit on the number of invites. We have seen meetings set up for 50+ guests on a regular basis!
  • Invites - Easily send invites to set up a meeting directly from your email.
  • No need to register- Guests to your meetings do not have to be registered in order to be invited to your meetings.
  • Find the best time fast- Quickly and efficiently finds the best time for you and your guests, even if everyone is busy.
  • Time slots - Shows time slots and blocks out those proposed.
  • Funnel Approach - As opposed to other similar platforms, Letsmeet doesn’t use polls to find the most convenient slot. Meetings are scheduled automagically after the last invitee sends their availability!
  • Invite options - You have the chance to decide which invitees are mandatory and which are optional, sometimes you don’t need all your guests to be present.

What is Savvycal?

Savvycal is a useful program for planning your schedule and for scheduling meetings. It is a handy program to have for professionals that regularly need to schedule meetings with others.

Savvycal Features

Savvycal has several useful features. The following is a list of some of Savvycal’s features:

  • Scheduling - Scheduling a virtual conference or team meeting is simple and fast.
  • No need to register - Guests to your meetings do not have to be registered in order to be invited to your meetings.
  • Connection - You can connect all of your calendars, work or personal, and choose which to schedule.
  • Set Limits - Set limits on the number of meetings that can be booked within a certain time frame.
  • Calendar Overlay - Erase the need of switching back and forth between screens.
  • Time Zone Scheduling - Savvycal will update your time zone when you travel. 
  • Single-use Links - Links can be archived after a guest uses it.  

Letsmeet vs Savvycal

Letsmeet and Savvycal are both great programs that are useful for scheduling meetings. Letsmeet allows you to have limitless meetings, easily send invites directly from your email, and have multiple options for scheduling and finding open time slots quickly.

Savvycal allows you to easily connect with others and lets recipients overlay their calendars to find the best times for meetings. Savvycal allows you to have more control over your schedule.

Overall, due to its many useful features and the limitless number of guests you can schedule meetings with, Letsmeet is the best scheduling program for businesses & personal use for meetings.