Letsmeet vs Doodle

Letsmeet vs Doodle

April 17, 2023

We have received a lot of comments from our users, wanting to know what makes us different from Doodle and the advantages of using Letsmeet instead. A quick answer is each platform has a different approach, and you might use them differently. Let’s take a look at their main features.


Letsmeet is an amazing tool with several features, making it one of the easiest online meeting scheduling tools. You can plan and schedule group meetings in just one step. A single email is enough; there’s no need for the common back-and-forth messaging that always happens when trying to accomplish simple things such as planning a meeting.

Besides, Letsmeet is the best platform for group meetings for other reasons. For example, there’s no limit to the number of people you can add as meeting invitees. You can get the whole team without issue; even if you work for large businesses, you can invite everyone with almost no effort. 

You can use Letsmeet for internal use (team members) and include non-registered users. There are no limits either from this point of view, which translates to the possibility of bringing clients or customers who have never used Letsmeet to dive right into it. 

Last but not least, Letsmeet has other amazing features, such as blocked slots (you can lock all the options in everyone’s calendars until a common availability is found), edit meetings (we’re humans, and we make mistakes from time to time, which is why you can edit your meeting details in case you need it), optional guests (mark people that is not required to attend your meeting) and much more advantages that makes it a very convenient platform for your day-to-day use. 


Doodle is an online tool that helps schedule group and individual virtual meetings. One of its greatest features is that it supports polls so your business can decide on options rather than dates. Also, you can set up events where participants can choose more than one option in the poll, not only one. You can hide your poll results from the participants, and it also supports different time zones. 

You can create individual meetings after synchronizing Doodle with your calendar; however, this step is not required, and you can achieve the same result without doing so. Doodle is a free service, but a paid version will remove all the ads and allow you to customize your schedules. 

In addition, a mobile app is available to create schedules on the go. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. 

To summarize, it’s a simple and easy-to-use platform. You can schedule meetings with participants in different parts of the world due to the previously mentioned feature on multiple time zones. 

Which One is Better: Letsmeet or Doodle?

As mentioned earlier, each platform has a different approach and, thus, a different way to assist users. While Doodle focuses only on polls, Letsmeet uses a funnel perspective as its main scheduling approach to help in your meeting planning, and one of the biggest advantages is that you can be sure all your invitees will attend. However, you can also run polls through our platform.

Even though Doodle may be more popular and familiar to people on the internet, Letsmeet is the most efficient option for group meetings and scheduling, thanks to its features, ease of use, access on the web, iOS app, chrome extension, and Outlook & Gmail add-ons.