Letsmeet vs Calendly

Letsmeet vs Calendly

September 8, 2022

We have been asked pretty often about what makes us different from Calendly. The short answer: Calendly is a great tool for CRM and Sales, Letsmeet is your day to day companion to schedule your business meeting. If you are considering how you can make the most out of your time, using either of these apps could be ideal. Let’s take a closer look at each one and determine which could be a better option.


Letsmeet is a fantastic tool that offers a lot of features that make it super easy to use. Do you need to set up a group meeting? That is easy to do with just an email to your team. What it does well is reduce the amount of back-and-forth messaging that has to happen for simple things like meetings to get set up.

Letsmeet is the best platform for group meetings for other reasons, too. For example, there is no limit to the number of people you invite. Get the whole team with no problem. It is also the most affordable option out there when compared to virtually any other meeting tool out there.

You can use Letsmeet for your company / team but also use it with non-letsmeet users (External Users). There are no limitations on this, which means you can bring in clients or customers who have never used the platform to dive right into it.

You can also consolidate all of your calendars in one place using this tool. It’s efficient, easy to use, and supports your growth over time. Having all your meeting calendars in one place helps you be more efficient overall.

Letsmeet is a perfect tool to schedule meetings in your day to day business role. Plus, it’s a game changer due to all the features that make it a very convenient platform such as blocked slots, edit your meetings, optional guests and much more.


Calendly is a well-known tool with a lot to offer itself. You can schedule a meeting fairly easily using this tool. You can use it to schedule meetings for both online and in-person needs. You will also find it beneficial if you are using Salesforce or HubSpot because it integrates into those platforms, which could offer some nice benefits. It is a very convenient tool for CRM, sales teams who focus on one to one meetings.

Calendly also offers rescheduling tools that can help to make that canceled meeting a bit easier to postpone and set up again. Overall, the scheduling process is pretty easy. You just need to set up a template and then share a link to the person you wish to meet with. But it can be cumbersome when there are a lot of people you have to meet with on an ongoing basis.

The Pro User account has a $15 a month fee, which can be a bit troublesome for companies that need a lot of tools to operate. A lot of the best features are available through the Pro plan.

Which One is Better: Letsmeet vs Calendly

There are a few things to really appreciate about Letsmeet over Calendly. Though Calendly may be more popular and familiar to some, Letsmeet is very efficient. It is also versatile to use over larger scale meetings with fewer limits and costs to worry about for your projects.

As a conclusion the 2 products are optimized for different use cases. Calendly is a amazing CRM, Sales team integration with Hubspot, Sales Force, while Letsmeet is your day-to-day tool to schedule business meetings in the different configuration