Businesses Embracing Pay Transparency

Businesses Embracing Pay Transparency - Is it really an advantage?

October 31, 2022

Everyone of us has experienced frustration at some point when looking for a job, mainly because companies are not clear about the salary on their job postings.

Gilles Raymond, CEO and founder of Letsmeet, talked to the Society of Human Resource Management for a blog entry related to talent acquisition. This are his thoughts: 

"It is impressive to see that many employees are ready to share how much they earn, but it also means that one employee out of seven wants to keep it confidential," he said.

"Companies [tend to] have a grid that is supposed to guarantee a coherence in salary based on different criteria. Under these conditions, it is very positive for them to show the equity in their payroll policy," he continued. "But based on different cultures, talking about salary can be viewed as very sensitive information, and payroll based on where you worked can show a massive gap. Indeed, the compensation package between a software engineer in San Francisco and countries like India or Cambodia is 10 times [difference]."

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