Letsmeet Funnel

Behind the Letsmeet curtain: Funnel Approach!

August 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered what’s the approach that our platform uses to find the most convenient option for all your meeting invitees? 

We want all of our users to fully understand how the platform works, this way you can always get the best of it and save all the time you can; thus, you’ll have more available time to focus on your priorities! Let us tell you everything about how Letsmeet works!

You might think that Letsmeet is yet another platform that you can use to create polls and find the option that is best for everyone, but it’s actually more advanced than that. Most of the tools out there are structured on a poll system, but we wanted to create something quite different and better for you, which is why our app has a FUNNEL approach instead. 

How is the Funnel implemented in the meeting scheduling? 

With Letsmeet, the host only has to pre-select the time slots for their meeting guests and each time an invitee replies with their availability, the number of options will be reduced according to their response. 

In other words, every time one of your meeting participants replies with their most convenient time slots, it would also delete the slots that they didn't select; it wouldn’t make sense to offer options to the remaining guests if someone already said they’re not available at that time, right? 

Why is the Funnel approach better than a regular poll?

A poll would do just part of the job; if you stop to think for a second, once a poll is over you still have to check the results and select the most voted time slot to create the meeting. With the funnel, once the last guest voted, the meeting is set up automagically. As the host, to schedule a meeting with several guests, the only thing you need to do is send one email. Besides, the biggest advantage of the Funnel is that you can be 100% sure that all your guests will attend your meeting; using a poll, this is very unlikely. 

Below you can see an example of an actual meeting planning using Letsmeet

Amanda is the hostess and she’s planning a meeting with 3 co-workers. She originally selected 10 different time slots for her guests to choose from.

The first invitee to reply was Brian, out of the total number of time slots, only 6 worked for him. Letsmeet then will delete the options that didn’t work for him and will show only the 6 he chose to the remaining invitees.

Then it was Dana’s turn. Out of the 6 slots left by Brian, only 3 worked for her.

Lastly, Mike was available on just 2 out of the 3 options left by Dana. Since he was the last to respond, Letsmeet will schedule the meeting on everyone’s calendars on the option that happens first. In case that the last invitee to reply only selects one option, the meeting will be scheduled right away based on the time slot selected.

As you can see, Letsmeet reduces the time slots available to choose from based on previous replies. Pretty cool, huh?

Now that you’ve seen how Letsmeet operates you’ll be able to get the most of it. Log into your account and let the planning begin!